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Keep it Vegan

Written unashamedly by born again vegan, Aine Carlin in a desire to share great food, vegan style, she has created, cooked and presented a range of dishes that are simply mouth-watering and will temp even the most determined omnivore with simple easy meals from seasonal and dried ingredients. There is also a great little introductory section explaining the route taken to choose the eating style of vegan which is interesting and, pardon the pun, does give food for thought.

There is something for everyone and every occasion with a list of cocktails for entertaining included, something not always added, so that if you are hosting that dinner party  or enjoying a before dinner drink, you can without compromising your lifestyle choice.

There is some discussion between the levels of vegan as to just what constitutes the correct foods for this lifestyle but Aine is definite about her approach to vegan eating: it is a lifestyle choice, a health choice and as such needs to be tasty and enjoyable for her, her family as well as her friends.

 Each of the recipes has been tried and created from her kitchen with those complied into this book being just a few of the many already enjoyed.

Whether you are seriously considering alterative eating styles or are happy with what you are eating you will find something tucked in amongst the pages, which will temp you to try something a little different, or perhaps not so different. The selection of tasty offering is impressive.

As always there is a list of cupboard essentials to get you started that will not break the budget, using items that many will already have in their cupboards. The recipes do not revolve around soaking, washing and whatever needs doing to beans in order to eat, which is comforting. Although there are some which do feature beans in their content.

Many of the dishes can be made in as little or the same amount of time you would spend on any other dish. As a matter of fact many of the dishes do not have beans of any sort involved.

A well-known example of good healthy vegan food is Bircher Muesli, a dish which has become one of the more high profile breakfast offerings in recent months. It is easy to prepare, delicious to eat, healthy and surprise, surprise, vegan!

Many of the dishes are also gluten free giving them a wider appeal. You will enjoy the change of foods in your diet and do not have to make that leap of faith into veganism to enjoy tasty foods with healthy options which are cost effective and easy to prepare.

Bon Appetite!

AuthorAine Carlin
PublisherKyle Books