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Mini Babybel – the best recipes

There is obviously more under the striking red wrapper of Babybel cheese than is first anticipated with a raft of new, tasty and delicious ways to cook, serve and temp the pallet; all combined inside the very jazzy cover.

Although the book is small in size for a recipe book that is, the contents are gargantuan and could be the simple and delicious solution for your seasonal entertaining feast. Combined with a nice glass of red or white or even a cold beer there is something for everyone that can be made quickly and served without a great deal of effort.

Tomato and Babybel Tart is one such recipe, made out of things you would have in your fridge for summer time eating, put together in a sheet of ready-made puff pastry, placed in the oven for 35 minutes, just long enough for the guests to settle in, and then cut up and served with little or a lot of fuss depending on the style of the gathering.

Mini Burgers with Babybel and cream cheese is another such quick and easy entertainer, made in about 10 minutes or pre made for easy of catering on the day. Suitable for adults or children this is a great little snack as well.

Skewers of beef with Babybel and red onion can line up alongside the easy entertaining dishes and if you have the energy Babybel Fondue for the little ones could be a lot of fun. Basically there is something that will appeal to all tastes, budgets and function style which will add that something different to the table this Festive and holiday season.

Great for summer eating at home as well are several salads, a soup and a tasty little offering in Babybel in pastry with cherry jam or jelly. Yum!

If you really can’t be bothered with the effort of cooking but are stuck for a great little stocking filler or gift for Secret Santa, this funky little book would be just the answer.

Author Jean-Francois Mallet
Publisher Jacqui Small
ISBN 9781909342696