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My Street Food Kitchen

When one travels one eats the delights the country has to offer in its traditional foods, the street foods, with great gusto thinking all the while that, when I get home I will be able to make this. But the sad reality is, that once you do get home somehow you seem to lack that certain something which made that pizza taste so very special when you ate it in Napoli!

Do not despair as traveller and foodie, Jennifer Joyce has spent a good number of years traveling and creating so she totally gets it; that craving for Peruvian Anticuchos with that creamy sauce or Boiled Dumplings with mouth-watering dipping sauces that you delight to eat so easily when in Asia.

Over the past ten years or so she has set about creating a wonderful, eclectic selection of Street Foods from countries as wide spread as America to Taiwan and all place in between; 24 different countries to be precise.

Some of these are not for the faint hearted to undertake and others are relatively simple and straightforward. The beauty of each of the recipes is they have undergone a slight transformation to make a healthier dish without compromising the taste and flavour that goes into traditional street food.

So many of the dishes take a little while to prepare but, for your time and effort you get a large amount of food which make the dishes ideal for a gathering of family or friends, or loading up the freezer to make life interesting and easy on those days when you just need a taste of something exotic in your life.

A very informative chapter at the end of the book titled “How to cook like a pro at home” supplies you with thirteen very helpful hints to make your cooking and preparation so much easier, as well as help you archive the results you require.  Each chapter is specific to the region and certainly makes your choice of foodie destinations so much easier.

Every recipe comes with a little introduction which includes the amount the recipe should make, with instructions and ingredients clearly presented, easy to read and understand.

The beautiful photography of Jean Cazals illustrates each of the dishes and takes you immediately into the moment, the taste, and as with all foods the visual, colourful aspects of what you are about to partake.


Author Jennifer Joyce
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781743364185