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Out of the Pantry

Easy, affordable, quick, tasty and a complete smorgasbord of totally yummy meals and snacks are all dished up in this well present latest addition to kitchen musts – Out of the Pantry.

 The title tells it all as Hegarty has taken on board the need to be able to almost do the impossible from the tins and ingredients already in the pantry and the basic essentials all kitchen cupboards contain.


The humble tin of tomatoes has never been presented in so many delicious ways, along with the kidney beans and  canned coconut milk.

 Pantry Essentials sets up your pantry with all the required items everyone could or should have in their pantry. The great thing about this chapter is that when you read through it you are mentally ticking off all the bits you already have – makes a good deal of economic sense to be able to use what you already have  in either the pantry or the freezer.

 Chapters are headed by the canned content such as canned beans, canned coconut, canned seafood and more to make it easy for you when you have the tin in your hand and are pondering.

 Nearly every recipe is cost effective, very tasty and simple and easy to prepare.

 The photography is beautifully done and presents each dish in a clear and elegant manner. It makes the mouth water and encourages you back into the pantry with enthusiasm so you can see what you are creating for dinner tonight..

 Very cost effective, both in purchase price and the use of everyday ingredients, this is one book that should be included in every modern kitchen.

AuthorTrish Hegarty
PublisherNew Holland