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Quick and Clever Party Cakes

It’s birthday time for the young one and the issue of what type of birthday cake can I have Mum, has been on open discussion for some time. Don’t despair as there is an easy, or relatively easy, way out for those who delight in creating that special cake for the special day.

 Indeed, in some households the cake can be the penultimate moment of the birthday party, the final moment when everyone present goes OHHHHHH, before they tuck into that final sweet treat of the afternoon, the birthday cake.

Lindy Smith has created a collection of 20 fantastic cakes designed to cater for a range of fantasy requirements for the special birthday boy or girl. The book comes with a comprehensive range of instructions to make baking and decorating your creation so much less hassle, with recipes for making sugar paste, madeira cake, which forms the base of the cake, covering the cakes and boards and colour mixing for that so very important finish.

She is also realistic about the time it takes to create a masterpiece and has included a section of Quick and Clever Party Cakes for those who are time challenged but still want to make that special, oncer party cake.

Each recipe is well presented as a how to guide and set out in simple easy to follow steps, making the undertaking, because that is what it really is, so much less complicated. At the end of the book are several pages for the templates you will need for the more up market collection.

There is only one problem I can see with this book which is all the party cakes look for too good to eat.

AuthorLindy Smith
PublisherMurdoch Books