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Quinoa for families

Quinoa: an ancient grain going through a rebirth as the grain to eat when all others fail and a lifeline to a wider range of foods for those who are gluten intolerant or suffer a range of health issues.

The story of quinoa commences with a detailed explanation as to what exactly quinoa is and a small but very necessary history lesson on the benefits of the grain and its multipurpose uses.

Many are new to the grain, or seed as it really is, and are unsure as to how to cook and prepare it to make tasty and enjoyable foods which the entire family are able to enjoy. This easy to follow recipe book makes ”what are we going to eat tonight” an easy choice.

This very comprehensive guide to using quinoa in every style of recipe used in traditional cookery – from Thai Pumpkin Soup to Tuna Mornay with Crunchy Topping (great for the kids) to yummy Chocolate Brownies and much more makes healthy food choices considerably easier. There are also a great selection of quick snacks and dinner party recipes included among the everyday, giving a choice for all occasions.


As one who struggles with “new” items on the supermarket shelves, and in particular quinoa, this is one recipe book long overdue as far as I am concerned as it gives a greater understanding of the product and how best to cook with it.

The health properties of the “grain” should make it one that is a household staple in today’s world of healthy eating and food consciousness.

AuthorRena Patten
PublisherNew Holland