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This is a guide to preparing the best ribs that your family can enjoy, and tailor make them to your own tastes. The information has been gathered by Adam for twenty years and he has a wealth of information when using all kinds of barbecues and grills. There are details given about the outdoor kitchen, looking at fuels and smoking woods, and the indoor kitchen, using the pressure cooker, a grill pan and a deep fryer.

 The type of barbecue to be used is looked at briefly, then woods to use on each one, and as well, charcoal and smoking is mentioned. The smoking technique is looked at and described. The next section of the book deals with rubs. Here the author stresses that you can experiment and develop your own family favourite rub. He suggests getting the best flavours, you grind your own spices, to ensure their freshness and full flavour, and make sure you grind them into a fine powder.

 The first ribs described, are pork ribs, and we are told how you need to make sure the butcher has left enough meat on the topside of the ribs. Recipes for the pork follow these tips. There is a list of ingredients, a suggestion for a rub, a sauce, and the method of preparing and cooking the meat. Together with a photograph of the finished food, and a tip for added interest, this is certain to set the mouth salivating. However, this is not a quick meal, but will take several hours. There are many creative ways of using the meat, and we find a recipe for pork ribs and seafood Laksa.

 The next section deals with lamb ribs, and again, we have a creative list of recipes including Asian style, Spanish style, and Chinese based meals. Next the book deals with beef ribs. Again we are given instructions on what to purchase, how to prepare the food, and the best method of cooking it. There are some recipes that really challenge our perception of how to present these meaty pieces. For example, warm beef ribs and goat’s cheese salad, and Massaman beef ribs, as well as beef short rib pot pie.

 To complete the variations, we have chicken ribs, which lend themselves to hot and fast cooking. As with the previous pages, many succulent and delicious recipes are given with the variety of dishes wide ranging, and certainly cater for all tastes. To finish this book, we are shown clever ideas for using leftovers. The smoked pork spring rolls look wonderful, as does the salsa verde lamburger, the pizzas, and the sliders.

 Complete with an index for easy location of dishes, this book is really well set out and has simple to follow instructions. These are followed with a full page photograph of the recipe and should ensure success for the cook.

Author Adam Roberts
Publisher New Holland Publishers
ISBN 9781742579566
Distributor New Holland Publishers
Released August 2017