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Supper with Rosie

Rosie Lovell of Rosie Café in London has compiled a book containing all, or at least some, of her favourite recipes and Hallelujah, they are all family old time favourites, some with a modern twist and endlessly suitable for all styles of meals: from simple weeknight family nosh to entertaining.

All of the recipes have been handed down from her mother or family and friends, making them tried and true as well as seriously cost effective, which in today’s world is very important.

Nutritious and healthy such favourite as Fish Pie, Summer Trifle and good old Cream of Tomato Soup , which bears no resemblance whatsoever to the canned variety, have never looked so good.

 Each recipe comes with an little homily on its creation right down to how many mugs of soup can be had from the mix.

Along with the traditional there are hidden gems such as Chilli Sherry (in the weekend cooking section) Black rice Pudding and Pepperoncini Frittata, which creates a entirely new slant to the humble Frittata.

The book is divided into sections such as Weeknight In, A Bowl of Comfort and Feasts for Friends with the offerings in each section a lovely jumble of tastes and dishes suitable to the topic.

Most dishes have ingredients which are in general kept in the kitchen cupboard making this not only an easy to use book but one filled with ideas for that last minute “What am I going to cook for dinner moment” we all have if not frequently them definitely from time to time.

So get the pans out and join Rosie and her friends for supper – you are sure to enjoy the experience.

AuthorRosie Lovell
PublisherKyle Books