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The Cook’s Bible of Ingredients

As there is so much emphasis placed on food, the preparation, the ingredients and the overall ethnicity of the food varieties available in today’s multicultural society a book such as the “Bible” for all cooks – aspiring of fully fledged – has been long overdue.

With the very definite influence of our multicultural society leading to the creation of “fusion” and so many other palate teasing and aromatic dishes or styles, many of the ingredients used are to so many untried, as well as somewhat challenging to either purchase, prepare or even, in my case, I have to admit, to a lack of understanding of the best way to use, cook or prepare so many of the delicious spices and fresh vegetables to get the tempting results as encouraged in so many of the cook books.

This totally comprehensive Bible of ingredientseach and very spice, herb, fresh ingredient be-it berry, fish, meat, vegetable or cheese has been listed with specific details as to what it is and in some cases how it can be cooked.

 Seeds, beans, legumes have their own chapter as does cheese, meat, poultry and game, noodles and pasta, flavourings and so the list or chapters go. Each item is not only well described but beautifully photographed so you have an idea of what it looks like, how it can be cut as in the poultry and game chapter.

There are 1200 ingredients listed in the book along with a Bibliography which certainly makes this the most comprehensive and informative book of its kind in today’s culinary marketplace and definitely one all foodies should have on the shelf in the kitchen.

AuthorMargaret Brooker
PublisherNew Holland