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The Martini Guide

Shaken not stirred’, was the phrase that catapulted the Martini into the spotlight of glamour and sophistication, coupled with that slight edge of danger, when uttered by Ian Flemings famous character James Bond, back in the late 1950’s. But truth to tell, the Martini was already a cocktail associated with the glamourous, the slightly risqué in society that liked to live on the edge, and had been a drink of choice in the bars as far back as 1865 being requested as a ‘gin and martini’ after the Martini brand of vermouth  was created in 1865!.

Coupled with the ‘little black dress’ and the long cigarette holder it earned its place in the evening entertainment circuit, when to stop by for the  cocktail hour was the ultimate in sophistication, was very much the IN thing to do, to be seen and be seen with the ‘set’.

Some years on, it had dropped out of favour, being replaced with longer cocktails; wine was the drink of the sophisticate and a wider range of beers and spirits were on offer to a less sophisticated audience, with a faster, far more intense style of living.

Thanks to people like Steve Quirk, the Martini has been brought into the light once again but with a twist, please pardon the pun, for the modern palate. In this book designed for the lover or soon to be lover, of Martini cocktails he has designed it to appeal to those already in the know and those who are new to the art of creating, and enjoying a great martini.

He has divided the book into gin or vodka bases, vodka being the new style, with gin being the traditional basis,  added helpful tips,  gives details as to the construction of the drink, shaken or stirred, twists and of course the right glassware for the delicious creation being constructed.

The recipes are there to be trialled and enjoyed: there is of course the Perfect Martini which is the more traditional style, as is the Dry Martini but the Southern or Rogue Martini’s demand to be tasted. Vodka based martinis’ are far more flamboyant in style and taste. When you get to confronting the Breakfast Martini, you certainly begin to realise that perhaps you should have left this one for a holiday weekend.

The final drink in the collection is Blue Sky Martini, which, should you have tried all 70 of the drinks, you will certainly appreciate.

A glossary of ingredients used adds the final touch to a flamboyantly sophisticated range of drinks, shown off with some fabulous photography, with a little shake or twist added to create a modern drink of sublime sophistication, The Martini, to be enjoyed with friends on a slow night in!

AuthorSteve Quirk
PublisherNew Holland Publishers
DistributorNew Holland Publishers
ReleasedJuly 2017