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The Nude Nutritionist

Lyndi’s story is one that will be familiar to many young people today. As a girl she was tall and had a big frame. In a leotard at ballet, she realized that she was larger than the other girls and so from an early age her need to conform to size and shape was developed. The issue of being slim equals being liked, became a confused time for her and she began counting calories and exercising. Weigh ins became routine and despair followed when she gained weight.

The next step was binge eating and starving which led to adopting a set of rules which were not easily conformed to. By this stage, Lyndi was an emotional mess and diagnosed with Clinical Anxiety. She knew she had to stop trying to control her eating and that years of dieting had just given her a disgust of herself and her body.

Over the next four years the author lost more than 20 kilos. Her focus became fixed on feeling healthy, and at peace, and at all costs, avoiding a diet. It is suggested that dieting can contribute to slowing your metabolism, making you feel deprived, and increasing your cravings for forbidden foods. The next piece of advice is to become an intuitive eater. By listening to your body, it will make you aware of when you are hungry, and what sort of food you need.

Food cravings are often an issue for people. They can be caused by hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, or habit. It is suggested that you wait an hour when you have a craving. If after an hour you still need something sweet, then have it and enjoy it mindfully. You are giving yourself permission to enjoy the treat. The more you practice the one-hour trick, the less your cravings will become. There is a page devoted to “Awesome, non-sucky, life-changing healthy habits you might want to sink your teeth into.” One of those suggests you meet with friends on a walk, rather than for coffee.

The chapter on a healthy environment suggests not to waste food. Older vegetables can be made into soup, dips or stock and buying in bulk without plastic bags helps the environment to be healthy as well. Another suggestion is to teach children to tune into their hunger. A sense of fullness is the body’s way of saying we have had enough food to eat.

There are many case studies in this book which are interesting to read. People ask questions about issues which affect them and also help us to realise what solutions there are to problems. The recipe section at the back has some wonderful and inspiring recipes which are easily cooked and look extremely inviting.


Author Lyndi Cohen
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781760523749
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released January 2019