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The Vegetarians Complete Quinoa Cookbook

Quinoa is one of the fastest growing components of many diets especially for those with various dietary challenges and weigh gain issues. It is an ancient grain finding its way back into modern cuisine at all levels. It is easy to use, lends itself to a variety of dishes and tastes great, even without additions.

 In this recent release, don’t let the title put you off, people looking for exciting ways to use this grain can relax and begin at the beginning of the book for their breakfast requirements and continue on from there.

For those new to cooking with quinoa there is a very handy segment dealing with the history of the grain, the best way to cook it and where to buy it, as supermarkets are not always the most cost effective option.

With 120 recipes covering something for just about every occasion, you can happily cook and munch you way throughout the day. The salad section is both innovative, nourishing and importantly, quick and easy to prepare. Quick Meal-in-a-Bowl Salad is one dish which easily makes a complete meal for those who are time challenged or want a quick snack on the way through.

Don’t stress as it is not all healthy, as there are such dishes as Chocolate Macaroon Pudding and Basic Quinoa Crepes for those with a sweet tooth. Soups, breads and cakes are also in the line-up, all offering mouth-watering options to standard fare.

AuthorEd: Mairlyn Smith
PublisherMurdoch Books