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500 Plants- Great Australian Plants for your garden

Angus Stewart has without doubt created what is a very easy to use, comprehensive guide to Australian Native species which can be used in the everyday gardens of suburbia.

Using knowledge gained over a lifetime he has written this guide in order to inspire the gardener to replace many if not all of the “traditional” garden plants with what could so easily become native species that without care may be come eradicated.

With the newer methods of cultivation of many of the plant types they are becoming a popular, drought resistant additions to many gardens. Their year round ability to flower (such as grevilleas) is being used to bring colour and texture into modern water wise garden design.

The layout of the book makes it easy to use as each of the sections has been set into Top 10 of whatever section it concerns such as large trees, ground cover, shrub etc. Wildlife has not been left out with a section on what to plant out if you wish to encourage life back into your back yard!

Climate and soil type guides have been included and taken into consideration wherever possible with each plant illustrated with a clear colour picture, a small description, climate type and size.

The biggest issue with this book is that by the time you have had a good look through it you will need a garden twice your size to plant out everything that looks tempting and there’s 500 species to choose from!!!!

Author Angus Stewart
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 978-1-74331-150-9