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A Beekeeper’s Year

Should you be thinking of, or planning to, keep Bees this is the must have book for you. Created with the beginner or novice in mind, it is more of text book or guide to Bees and everything you ever need to know, to set up and keep a hive of bees successfully.

Clearly illustrated and set out, the first section deals with the main question of why keep Bees, setting out the pros and cons of doing so, then details very clearly what you need to get started, space requirements and legal responsibilities. It also address the issue of where, when and how to get your Bees.

As a fledgling bee keeper you do need to understand Bees and what consists as their life cycle, as understanding how a hive works will lead to a more mindful undertaking, rather than a ‘paint by numbers’ technique, which while a workable and often used method, is perhaps not always what you are looking to achieve, when you decide to become an urban keeper of Bees.

Case studies follow three new keepers with three different style of hive; Sarah with the Flow hive, Eric with a Warre and Sonia with a Top Bar hive, which a sets out the options of the different styles and their suitability or not, for the location you may have selected and how these hives can be made from pallets or purchased.

So now you have made the decision, selected your hive style, but still do not have any bees, which is when you need to take a look how to get the bees into your hives. Swarms are seriously disturbing events when they occur as they seem to be moving in a direction only they know and understand and you really do want them to select your lovely new hive.

This is where Chapter 7 is perhaps one of the most important chapters to study and understand, as it sets out the how to capture a swarm, and most importantly once you have them, to make sure they are healthy and will not decide to leave, in search of another home

In today’s world of devastation within the Bee population due to virus, it is of the utmost importance that you understand how to monitor and treat Varroa mites or virus, as well as other infections, before you have to destroy your hives, which would be a very sad situation.

Once you have established your hive there are many hours of enjoyment to be had observing these amazingly intelligent creatures as they go about their daily lives, and in doing so you have added your little bit to helping keep the environment healthy, plus the bonus of lovely fresh honey .

As a beginner guide A Beekeepers Year is very easy to understand and follow. The use of clear and instructive illustrations as required, along with well set out chapters, makes this one book which will rapidly become your bible for keeping bees successfully.

Author Janeet Luke
Publisher New Holland Publishers
ISBN 9781869664565
Website http:/
Distributor New Holland Publishers
Released December 2016