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Fifty Plants That Changed the Course of History

Plants: humble and more often than not taken for granted, have been exposed for exactly what they are – creators of history, establishers of the life we lead and enjoy today, harbingers of good and bad health as well as leaders in the art of romance.     Used widely in a variety of ways, plants form the very basis of life and, should they all disappear tomorrow so should we, states  Bill Laws in the introduction to one of the most entertaining, and interesting books on plants written for general reading in some time.

Not pretending to be anything other than a book written to entertain and inform it is filled with fascinating facts, snippets of folk lore, historic reference and much more. Each plant listed is dealt with in a manner befitting its importance to civilisation, while delivering a social history and commentary of times past and perhaps, yet to come.


Enjoyable, entertaining, fascinating and thoroughly readable.

Author Bill Laws
Publisher Crowns Nest (Allen & Unwin)
ISBN 9781742372181