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Machiavelli’s Lawn

 How wonderful it is to read a delightfully tongue in cheek collection of stories about gardening, or gardening about stories or simply being allowed a look into the complete understory of gardening, to  an hilarious look at life. Pardon the appalling puns but I couldn’t resist!

Each of the contributors to the book lead us gently about the garden path in humour, pathos and fun. Hidden secrets are revealed in the planting of a fruit tree. Mowing the lawn will never be the same again after you have devoured every word of On the Art of Mowing the Lawn. I truly had no idea it could be quite such an orchestrated affair.


Not one of the twelve delightful stories takes you along the expected route and all end leaving you with an entirely new look at the perils of gardening.

Humorous, subtle and lightly lemony in flavour, Mark Crick has done it once again with his enjoyable look at the therapeutic and cleansing benefits of gardening

Author Mark Crick
Publisher Granta Books
ISBN 978 1 874708 134 6