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For everyone who has a garden, and enjoys time spent in it, this book will become a trusty friend for many years. Both Stacy Demarco and Miranda Mueller passionately believe that our ancestors had a binding relationship with plants. They nourished us until we died, then we nourished them. Science has confirmed what many ancient tribes understood and used in the plant world.

Both these women worked in the corporate world but found something missing in their lives. Stacy is a Witch and is in service to the Community. Miranda escaped from her high heels and began her journey by studying Permaculture.

So, you’re not a gardener. It doesn’t matter. You need the desire (as Prince Charles has), to value your plants and listen to what they may say. This requires patience, and in the beginning, careful planning. Any small patch of land is able to produce plants, which will in turn attract bees and other insects. Slowly, you can build up a healthy community by nurturing and caring for the plant life.  

The practical and easy steps which are mentioned here, make sense. Firstly, with your plot of land, you need to identify each little micro- climate.  The gardener can then gradually build a picture of the area for those plants that will thrive where the sun shines longest, where the wind is constant, or where the soil is sheltered from the rain.

There are many tips on composting and care of soil. But by far the largest portion of Plants of Power is taken up by individual plants. There is a full-page illustration of a plant (ginger), then other names are given for it. The properties of that plant are given, and its healing benefits discussed. This is followed by ideas the authors have for utilising this product. Here we see a recipe for “Kick -Arse Candied Ginger,” a delicious way to use this plant.

The photographs and information mean Plants of Power will find a lasting place in the homes of those who spend their lives caring for our soils and relating to plants.

Author Stacey Demarco & Miranda Mueller
Publisher Rockpool Publishing Company
ISBN 9781925924350
Distributor Rockpool Publishing Company
Released May 2021