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Spirit of the Garden

Heraclites said ‘Nature loves to hide itself’ and never a truer word was spoken or written when it comes to the natural world. Writer and photographer Trisha Dixon, through the lens of her camera, takes a journey into gardens and natural landscape that captures the hidden joys to be discovered when time is taken to sit, look and absorb the landscape.

From the first a page to the last Spirit of the Garden transports into another world which is unexpected, but upon consideration perfectly appropriate as not just the incredible images, but the poignancy of the words, reaches deep into the emotions we as humans walking this earth, have in many cases shoved off to one side; forgetting that we are the guardians of all that is around us, constructed as beautiful gardens created by what often appears to be the random hands of Mother Nature.

As Trisha Dixon says the language of gardening starts early in us, especially if we are fortunate enough to be someplace that gardens are prolific, or the world of nature is close to where we live or wander. So many Australians have grown up with the stereotype gardens of suburbia, based around the legacies of the English settlers in Australia. It is only over the past few decades, as the climate has begun to change in a very definitive manner, the landscape of nature has been discovered and is being incorporated to a large degree in landscapes far and wide, as is the art of container gardening for smaller urban space.

As climate is changing it is becoming more important than ever to understand the emotional impact of gardens and their magic on the psyche, as well as the massive importance of taking care of our environment which is the main impetus behind this immersive book.

The photography is magnificent, the wording simple but powerful with the very Spirit of the Garden carefully defined. Those who have travelled widely or those who have walked around their neighbourhood enjoy the visions to be discovered that showcase the very epitome of Spirit as they bring joy to the heart and life, filling very soul with something simple called pleasure.

Immerse yourself in this sumptuous journey of gardens and landscapes, filled with enticing quotes from seriously wise people, who discovered that taking time to sit and discover the hidden beauty within nature creates unforgettable memories that last a life time.

Author Trisha Dixon
Publisher National Library of Australia
ISBN 9780642279705
Distributor NLA
Released March 2021