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Sustainable Food

Michael Mobbs took a blind leap of faith some 20 years ago and set about creating a completely sustainable house – his. The project was such a success his home became a landmark statement of just what can be achieved through initiative and recycling.

Turning his thoughts to the ongoing issue of the growing population and the decreasing land suitable for agriculture needed to feed the ever growing population –a bit like the chicken and the egg syndrome – he has come up with another unique project aimed at conservation, recycling and utilisation of inner city space.


Within his own area of Chippendale, Australia, an inner suburb of Sydney he and his neighbors have created an inner city haven of growth by utilising areas such as verges, front and rear gardens and outdoor park spaces to grow vegetables, have chook runs, plant out sustainable trees and shrubs and generally re-green areas that lacked that certain something.

Through his work as an environmental lawyer Mobbs learned the best way to approach councils ( who generally speaking own the verges, parklands and community areas) to allow people to plant out on their verges, to harvest water from road and drainage run-offs and allow recycling and composting to occur.

Along the way the urban dwellers who have helped create inner city gardening have discovered a new sense of community created from the basics which make for strong communities – the ability to come together, to create gardens, plant out renewable sources of foods and getting to know the neighbors.

Within the page of this remarkable book you will find just about everything you need to set you on the pathway to creating a new, productive look to your own gardens, all based in sustainability.

Mobbs talks about connectivity, composting, chickens, councils and their requirements, types of gardens, seed harvesting and perhaps most importantly diversity in not only the garden patch but within society and so much more.

All these facets were once part and parcel of the everyday family. Vegie patch in the back yard and chooks in the neighbour’s yards. Fruit trees around the garden fence all designed to help feed the family with the best fresh produce and give enough to put by for the changing seasons.

Standards long forgotten in today’s so called sophisticated world but that which help offset the rising cost of living while allowing you to deliver fresh food to the table. The bonuses are helping offset carbon emissions while utilising basic skills, encouraging bees, birds, worms and people back into the urban-scape and creating a great sense of achievement when you pick your fresh lettuce or collect the warm eggs straight from the chickens just to name a few benefits.

You can’t help but become enthusiastic about sustainability because the more you delve into this book the more you really understand this is not rocket science being talked about and discussed. It is something so simple each and everyone one of us can do something about becoming self-sufficient and sustainable in our homes and neighbourhoods while having a great deal of fun along the way.

Let Chippendale be your guide, grab a copy of this book and consider your space to see just what it is you can contribute to urban renewal and sustainability.

Author Michael Mobbs
Publisher New South Publishing
ISBN 9-781920-70554-1