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The Australian Vegetable Garden

Purple asparagus, golden beetroot, white carrots and white strawberries are just some of the fascinating vegetables you can grow in your back or front yard, come to that. By doing so you will be growing a taste sensation, as well as revitalising the art of growing your own vegies- heirloom style.

Over the years of GM seed modification much of the taste and texture has gone out of fruit and vegetable but with the return of the Heirloom varieties there is a very definite fresh food revolution taking place.

Clive Blazey has long been an advocate of Heirloom verses GM, forming the Diggers Club in 1978 to preserve and promote the use of traditional vegetables. The Diggers Club is now Australia’s largest gardening Club.

 In this revised edition of the serious vegie gardener’s Bible you not only get an introduction to the best growing methods but also what are the best vegies to plant, sustainable gardening practices and best of all, learn how to plant a completely edible garden that not only delivers the best of fresh but looks terrific as well.

 Chapters have been well set out detailing the type of seed to use, soil preparation, the history or background of the seed type along with trial results of standard verses heirloom vegetable varieties.

More than just a gardening book this will inspire and encourage you to step away from the norm and get into the reality of truly great food, grown in your own garden, delivering a great taste.

So your carrots are red and your aubergines are pink and white stripped! Become an individual and be responsible for starting a taste revolution in your own front yard!

Author Clive Blazey
Publisher New Holland
ISBN 9781877069888