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The Bee Friendly Garden

Well, thank you Doug Purdie, and that is meant in the nicest of ways, for writing this book and making me take an entire new look at the plans for the new garden designed to be constructed this Spring.

After reading just the first few pages the realisation of what was needed was not a patch of lawn, sleepers and gravel but new, water wise, native garden filled with flowering plants that attract bees, will look wonderful, and once established, be  seriously water wise. If selected carefully for the area, the garden will look beautiful all year round.

And so plan B was created, the yard now looks like an excavation site and the new garden is underway. Once the spring weather settles down, the plants will go in and with good fortune will be established to withstand the summer heat.

As you read further into the book you realise just how important creating a beautiful, bee friendly garden is becoming. Bees were everywhere during our childhood; you could not walk on the grass during spring when the clover was flowering for fear of being stung. Now you are struggling to find the clover let alone the bees. So what to do is the major question as this is not something that is just prevalent to your area, but nation-wide and indeed world-wide. Bees are fast disappearing as we rapidly destroy their environment.

Like most major environmental changes that are happening through the world, the magnitude of the event can be paralysing, but as Purdie says over and over again, we can each do a little and by doing a little, a lot will happen.

In this beautifully presented book he takes us on an educated journey, not just into establishing best practice gardens, but into a world of colour and delight which can easily be achieved wherever you live. If all you have is a small Juliette balcony or a large acreage, he has advice, tips and planting that can be used to get the best results both from an aesthetic perspective as well as encouraging the bees back into your ‘back yard’.

Over half the book is devoted to species of plants both native and exotic, insects you need in your garden, herbs that are both colourful, useful and taste delicious.  Coupled with serious information on the best way to establish your Bee friendly garden, there are glorious pictures to simply enjoy as you sit and plan your new garden, plot, pot or in some cases ‘olive oil’ tin of summer herbs or flowers.

A lovely section on Bee Hotels is both educational and encourages a little quirkiness in your new Bee friendly garden.

The final segment, the Appendix, is one that all gardeners should take note of, as it is on Pest Control Recipes which will take care of the unwanted critters in the garden, protect and encourage the most desired and keep your flowers, vegies, natives and herbs Bee friendly as well as environmentally friendly.

Thank you Doug Purdie!


Author Doug Purdie
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781743367568
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released September 2016