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The Waterwise Australian Native Garden A practical guide to garden design, plant selection and much more

As the long hot days of the Australian summer are making themselves felt, rain is scant and gardens are suffering, never has a reprint of a book on Australian gardening been more perfectly timed for re-release. Originally published as The Australian Native Garden in 2015, this current edition places stronger emphasis on waterwise benefits for a drought-stricken country.

Early settlers bought with them favoured plants from their home countries, which formed the basis of the Australian garden. Bright, colourful and water loving, these plants became the stalwarts of everyone’s gardens, but as conditions have steadily become far dryer than ever before, these same plants are no longer a practical alternative.

Drought proofing gardens is now the talk of many gardening programs, but leaves the everyday gardener feeling hopelessly lost in their ‘garden beds’ wondering what to plant, how to select the right species to attract bees, provide colour and more importantly survive!

As a rather slap dash gardener, as many of us are, this is a real challenge, as trying to discover the right plants becomes somewhat nightmarish, and when you add what is difficult terrain, having The Waterwise Australian native Garden offered to review was like a dream come true.

The photography is simply stunning, showing what can be achieved with making the right choices for your garden, the detail as provided by experts in their field, the much-respected Angus Stewart and AB Bishop, make discovering a fresh, new sustainable garden very achievable.

Dreaming your way through your new garden is delightful, designing your new waterwise look is even more inspiring but then, selecting what to go in this lovely new look waterwise garden is often when things get tricky, especially for the occasional gardener.

All this has been taken into consideration in the final section which sets out clearly, all the various species to be considered, with clear coloured pictures, a small graphics panel and very helpful information as to size, features, climate and soil. Native Plant Nurseries for each State have also been listed at the rear of the book.

Seldom do I write a review from a purely personal perspective but this time, all I can say is simply go out, grab a copy and have the world of beautiful, waterwise gardens come to life as you turn the pages. Even if you never get further than reading the book, it really is well worth gracing your coffee table with as a wonderful, inspirational look at modern gardening styles using native species and the beauty that can very easily be created.

The Waterwise Australian Native Garden is an absolute treasure of a book perfect for todays dry, arid weather conditions and of course the occasional, or even experienced gardener.



Author Angus Stewart and AB Bishop
Publisher 9781760525552
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released Murdoch Books