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Calm and Energy

For those who need a little Calm and a lot of Energy in their lives check out the final two books in the Love Yourself Series, as they both offer brilliant ideas, suggestions and concepts for achieving both calm and energy in your life.

Both are a nice size to fit in the bag or backpack, to be handy for those days when a little or a lot of help is required to get you through the day grounded, serene and able to relax at the end of a busy time.

Calm from Dr Arlene Unger contains 50 instant exercises to de-stress and unwind, which can be used any time, any place and with great effect. As she states in the Introduction ‘……we are not equipped for the 21st century – it is too fast, too crowded, too 24/7’, a statement difficult to refute. Therefor how best to cope has been the subject of much angst and many books, offering options and understanding of this sad fact of modern life. Arlene Unger offers some very practical, real time solutions to help bring calm back into your life and the positive benefits that will result from a fresh, new take on daily life.

Energy from Oliver Luke Delorie presents the fact that everything is made from energy and by learning to harness, generate and channel energy in a positive way, will help to recharge and revitalise your life. Once again, he has created 50 instant exercises to guide you on the pathway of revitalisation, using ancient practices and modern research into Cognitive Brain Development, Mindfulness, Affirmations and Emotional Brain Training which will help towards a more relaxed and energised You.

As with all books of this style, it is best to read them slowly and thoroughly, reflecting on the wisdom and techniques, to best understand the guidance offered, before forging a fresh pathway through life, then select as required the various exercises as and when required.

The two other books in the series are Pause by Kim Davies and Sleep by Dr Arlene Unger.

Author Dr Arlene Unger and Oliver Luke Delorie
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9780711252370/9781781319772
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released January 2020