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Diary of a Crap Housewife

Jessica Rowe is recognised by many Australians as she spent four years working on the morning Chat Show on Network Ten. She also read the news at 5 o’clock. She has published three books and has an Instagram site She is an accomplished journalist, television presenter, speaker and author. Jessica is a strong advocate for Mental Health. She is married to Peter Overton, also a television presenter, and they have two children.

So, what sort of story can Jessica tell? Why would a busy woman write a book exposing the fact that she isn’t the perfect paragon we all assume she is? She explains that, for a time, she tried to be a perfect housewife. After the birth of her children, she suffered postnatal depression and her world was turned upside down. With great support from her husband and family, she began to restructure her life and began the process of accepting who she is, learning how to shake off anxiety and live in peace.

It was by accident that Jessica found an Instagram site where parents of school children posted photos of the pirate-shaped sandwiches with which they had sent their children to school. That’s when she decided to post a crap housewife posting exposing her messy house, and kitchen full of dishes. Immediately, she had many responses from grateful women who were in similar situations but had no one to confide in. Together, they began to embrace their imperfect life.

Jessica’s story reveals her tremendous effort to conform to perfect housewife standards, and at first the reader thinks she is just going to advise one to relax and let all the mess look after itself. But as you read on, she reveals in depth her struggle with depression and how, with humour and dignity, she manages the best way she could. Always her girls and husband are her greatest loves, and in caring for them, she has been able to readjust her thinking and try new and challenging work.

She intends this story to be a support and guide for young women with a family and a career. There are recipes included in this book, some of them truly awful, but satisfying for kids and easy to make. As for cats….she only has three, but they are very well loved.

AuthorJessica Rowe
PublisherAllen and Unwin
DistributorAllen and Unwin
ReleasedApril 2018