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Follow Your Gut

The Gut, a truly amazing component of the body, has been largely misunderstood as to its real effect on how the body operates; how the microbes which call the place home operate and how they, when disrupted, can cause serious havoc.

In this wonderful little book based on serious research, we are given a completely different understanding of the effect the gut in entirety, has on how the body as a whole functions.

Fascinating information on just how the microbes which make up your body operate, means that once read, you will never view the body, your body, as the same entity you once thought it was. We all take our health largely for granted but perhaps we should not, perhaps we should investigate further why illness, depression along with a range of conditions such as autism happens.

Is it the food we eat, how our body deals with this food, where you stand in the pecking order of your family; how much is genetically based and how much is simply up to you and how you treat and understand the microbes which make up the wonderful person that is you!

Or is it simply that as much as we purport to understand the body, its chemical ebb and flow, the ‘bugs’ which help to either make us healthy or ill, we simply do not understand enough about the body in its entirety and the effect of what we put into it or on it, in the way of fuelling the system or beautification of the body.

The reading is absolute fascination from chapter to chapter and may help you understand better what is happening on a daily basis in the amazing place called your body.

The final chapter is in the form of an Addendum encouraging you to find out more about your particular microbiome, which all contributes in the end to furthering research on what really makes us who we are and what we eventually become, all based around “The Human Microbiome”.

Enjoy this fascinating journey into just what does go on in your body!


AuthorRob Knight with Brendon Buhler
PublisherSimon & Schuster UK