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Full Plate Less Weight- how to be a weight loss winner

Summer is fast approaching along with the festive season, eating out and fitting back into that swimsuit. You’ve tried all those fad diets with no success and are wondering whether you go up another dress size.

Don’t stress it as help is at hand with this wonderfully sensible, sure fire way of getting into shape and loosing those unwanted kilo’s in time, not just for summer, but for a better and healthier way of living.

Known to many as one of the weight loss coaches on ‘The Biggest Looser”, Ray Kelly also has the creds in so far as he is an accredited Exercise Psychologist,  and has spent many decades working with people encouraging them to become fit and health, to fight chronic health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes with the right eating and exercise regimes.

This is his second book in this genre and so saying there is very interesting segment on the things he has learned since writing his last book which makes for heartening reading. It helps you to understand further this is an arena of knowledge which is constantly growing and changing in the pursuit of fitter, happier healthier lifestyles. Getting to know you is a comfortable way  to ease into what is to come and by the time you have read the first chapter you feel right at home with Ray and his philosophies .

This is a great way to start as what he has to say about thinking and eating like a winner makes an huge amount of sense, as weight loss is more than just food reduction and exercise increase, it is also a state of mind combined with an understanding of how our body and food work together.

There is of course an eating plan for weight loss, or rather several eating plans combined with some truly scrumptious dishes to get you in the swing of things, a section on exercises, a routine and why and how changes can be made, not just for now but for years to come.

For the lazy amongst us there is a really great section on circuits that will encourage rather than discourage and set the standard, obtainable of course, to get you into shape. Some of us are better at s disciplining ourselves to exercise but for those of us ‘couch potatoes’,  this is sure salvation as it tells you what to do and how long to do it, making the daily routine simple. Best of all it is all done with no cost as it is all about the things in life which generally come free, walking and running.

The final section titled Winning Tips deal with all the ‘small’ things which can get in the way of your success with great tips for troubleshooting. This is definitely a section you will need as maintaining your  achievements is always, and was always, going to be an issue and that can come under the heading of ‘tough stuff’.

There are great diaries and planners at the end of the book which should be used to keep on track and also to be able to look back and see the gains made over the next month or so, which when the going gets tough, like that work Christmas do, and the great gathering of family and friends, combined with far too much good food and drink over the summer months, can reassure you that you are doing OK.

AuthorRay Kelly
PublisherNew Holland Publishers