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Life Is Tough (But So Are You)

How to rise to the challenge when things go pear-shaped

Heartfelt and full of excellent advice which is well worth taking the time to read, Bryony Benjamin in Life is Tough, but so are you talks openly about her life and the effects of receiving a diagnosis of cancer at the age of 31.

As she says this was certainly not on her vision board for the future. It was certainly not the pathway she had charted in her successful, professional life, but it happened and she had to find a way to deal with the major change she was facing.

The real beauty in the wording of Life is tough, but so are you is at no point does Benjamin consider she is the only person who has been dealt ‘crappy bad luck’; this is her way of dealing what she also terms as her front row seat in the ‘shit show’ that her life had become.

After almost a year of feeling less than well along with many, many Doctors Appointments Bryony was eventually diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which at her age was the last thing she was expecting; she was far too young, right! Well no, wrong as it turned out. Over her journey she learned many, many things about so much, herself included and those ‘things she learned she now shares with readers and bloggers everywhere.

Wonderful little hints like the Permission Slip to be used whenever you need to give yourself a break, and importantly a collection of ideas to help you establish a support network to get you through the dark days. There is a very helpful pages of things not to say to people who are coping with their personal crisis, regardless of what has been the cause, as although the words spoken are well meant, but can often be upsetting.

This is a very good section to read first if you have a friend who has just discovered their ‘shit show’ in life and is struggling to cope. All the well-meaning words, really don’t make a difference because the reality is, you really don’t know what that friend is coping with, you cannot relate unless you have travelled that road, and while you are trying to help and understand there are many better, far more helpful ways to be supportive.

Regardless of how you choose to use the book, as a read from cover to cover or just simply sections by section as the need arises, Briony Benjamin has offered her hard learned advice to young and old who are facing loss, grief and hardship in their lives where it be health, divorce or death.

She investigated for her own reasons how to ‘value add’ to a worse than challenging situation as she could not go around it, under it or over it, she could only go through it, hopefully coming out the other side and in doing so, she learned much about what is really important in life, how to cope with change and how to accept that ‘some things don’t have to be understood, they just have to be accepted’.

Life is tough, but so are you is a book that should be read when life does throw a curved ball at you, as ‘you only get one go at life’, so it is important to live it to the fullest extent.

Raw, beautiful, poignant and informative.

Author Briony Benjamin
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781922351364
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released August 2021