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Outsmart Sugar How to Retrain your Brain to Kick the Sugar Habit

Sugar, we love it we hate it. We are confronted with facts on a daily basis saying sugar is BAD, BAD BAD, for us. It is in everything we consume. Manufacturers are sneaky as they hide it in nearly everything, sometimes masquerading as long and scientific names on packaging labels. It is snuck into baby food and formula setting up destructive eating habits for a lifetime and in some cases, believe it or not we are told it is not really all that bad for us.

In today’s world of growing obesity in young children and adults we have to be a little bit honest and begin to ask the question about what it is we are consuming and why we feel the need, almost the compulsion, the obsession in some dire cases, to eat that last half a tub of ice-cream, that final three biscuits in the packet, why the children keep on devouring those ‘healthy’ snacks and biscuits and chocolate seems to be required daily at 3pm!

Tara C. Mitchel, in her book Outsmart Sugar presents a very strong case for learning to seek out the destructive urges to consume things we all know are truly bad for us, by retraining our brains to  ignore the cravings for sugars in our diets.

Willpower is a great thing, but won’t power is so much better as won’t power gets you there in the end and will power has a problem with being diverted to another day, tomorrow or later, as by the time you have read your way through this refreshing way of breaking the sugar hold, everyday life will be a celebration of great food, self-esteem because, yes, you did it, and a new slimmer, healthier you.

Designed as work book to help you with a your process of reprogramming, Mitchell  takes a step by step approach, laced with a good dose of humour, to reprogram your subconscious and learn to recognise the many, many tricks used by manufacturers to get you ‘hooked’ on their products.

She also presents a very clear and well researched section on what sugar does to your brain and your body, the brainwashing and social conditioning we have unwittingly allowed to influence our choices in the supermarket and which have established many of our eating habits.

Mitchell also looks at the area of healthy people make better, more informed choices over a wide range of areas, not just within the foodie section of their lives, but also in the world of employment and business which make overall a fascinating and life changing read.

If you are struggling with cravings, are overweight, worried about what you are consuming or simply want to live a happier, healthier, obesity free life, it might be time to seriously consider the option to “Outsmart Sugar”.

Author Tara C Mitchell
Publisher Global Publishing
ISBN 9781925282276
Distributor Global Publishing
Released November 2016