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Quit Cannabis

Cannabis, the weed that can do you no harm! The happy plant that brings you bliss, release from the daily grind and is not addictive at all! It can’t do you any long term harm, can it?

In this very comprehensive look at this little dose of Mother Nature’s cure-all product the experts, and they are that, people who have worked in, and done the research, have delivered  this one-stop-shop all about Cannabis, the effects, the long term destruction and the recovery for long term users of the plant.

Filled with perhaps a bit too much technical information, depending on where you are coming from, every aspect of cannabis and addiction are discussed and backed up by a wealth of detailed, comprehensive research done over the past 40 years, into the long term damage caused by what has become a commonplace habit.

The work is ground-breaking in that it is perhaps the first time this style of information has been made readily available and put out there for not just the for the medical industry, but everyone who has ever used, is thinking of using or has developed an addiction that simply won’t seem to go away.

The long term damage is becoming more and more apparent as the years go on as the slow moving nature of this drug is such that it takes a long time to build up in the body before any issues of significance become apparent. There are confirmed links with depression, a range of mental illnesses and suicide.

For those who have been heavy users there is hope; they can move away from the addiction which has ever so slowly taken over their lives. More than half the book is dedicated to how to do this, how to make that change and how to keep on moving forward during a time when heading in the opposite direction seems like the best thing to do.

The case studies are the real deal coming from people who have faced the challenge and reclaimed their lives, the strategies are tried and tested and do work.

If you are seriously looking at cannabis in any aspect whatsoever, or have a friend or family member challenged by cannabis addiction, this book will debunk the myths, tell it like it is and offer a way back to normalcy.

A second more simply worded edition would also be a great addition to this rather complex although comprehensive, must read work on Cannabis. 


AuthorJan Copeland with Sally Rooke and Etty Matalon
PublisherAllen & Unwin