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Relief from Anxiety and Panic: by changing how you breathe (BreatheAbility for Health)

In today’s world of mayhem and what appears to be madness, there are many self-help books that can and do help make a difference to how people cope with the stress of modern life. Sometimes the solutions are simple but for others the reality is far greater than a quick fix, or changing a perspective.

Tess Graham has, over several decades of working with people, helped more than 6000 people take charge of their lives; people who have already tried many methods of attempting to find a happy pathway to conquering their stress and anxiety, with hugely successful results.

Dedicating her life to understanding the optimal effect of breathing on the psychology of the body and mind, she speaks directly to people who have difficulty with attaining a healthy and healing night’s sleep due to anxiety, sleep apnoea or snoring.

Her previous book Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea, has helped many quickly and easily on their pathway to a good night’s sleep. She now addresses the very real issue of anxiety and the benefits of correct breathing techniques in ‘Relief from Anxiety and Panic’, to help calm and settle anxiety with understanding, insight, knowledge by using breath and breathing to great effect.

Relief from Anxiety and Panic is designed to be used as a workbook. Clearly worded, it is very comprehensive, presenting the psychology of breathing in a clear, easy to understand style, as well as the techniques that can be used in conjunction with other aspects of healing to better understand anxiety, the immense value of breathing correctly and the massive benefits that it can bring to not only attaining a healthier lifestyle, but one that will also be free from the crippling effects of anxiety and panic.

This simple and effective the workbook, needs to be filled in as you progress through the book, as your previous notes are used as reference points as breath techniques are learned or relearned, which offers a pathway forward. There is also the reminder that there may be times when Professional help is required; when retraining in breathing via a Breathing Educator could be of significant help as new skills are learned which will definitely make a vast difference for a fuller and richer quality of life.

Author Tess Graham. Forward Dr Antoinette harmer
Publisher BreatheAbility Publications
ISBN 978-0995412705
Released October 2017