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Sleep Sense

At last a book full of common sense, easy to use technics, and well-presented explanations as to the role sleep plays in the health and well-being of the human body, and the fall out when the basic fundamentals of getting a good night’s rest are ignored.

Commencing with warm welcome from the author Dr Katarina Lederle, followed by the Introduction where you are immediately offered the concept of being able to understand the complexities of sleep, sleep habits, and how to make positive change if your sleep habits have gone off course, all in easy to understand language, which certainly helps when discussing such a complex aspect of health.

Lderle has begun her research by asking a range of people, commencing with her own family, what they considered the most important aspects of sleep, what they thought they needed to be able to improve their sleep patterns or habits and proceeded from this fundamental base. This makes fascinating reading and presents even more interesting concepts as to how to make, often small changes to improve sleep and overall emotional and physical health.

Sleep and dreaming are still areas where much is being discovered by Scientists and Researchers as there is still much, they do not understand, such a dreaming and why it is done, jet lag and the significant difference that can be made by changing sleep habits slightly before flying long haul, to identify just two of the many areas under discussion.

Sleep disorders such as nightmares, sleep walking, sleep related eating and sleep paralysis also provided a fascinating insight to conditions that are very real, cause a raft of issues for the sufferer and offer solutions that are easy to understand and try, or recognise when there is the need to seek medical advice for other more distressing sleep disorders.

Divided into four specific sections, with the middle two considered as the core to understanding and changing sleep disorders, this is a work that impresses, offers a scaffold toward healthy sleep and also presents what Lederle considers as the three pillars of good health: Physical health, mental performance and emotional wellbeing.

She shows with easy to relate too case studies, that if any of these three areas are out of balance, out of sync because of poor sleep habits, what effect this has on overall health and offers a way forward to a happier, healthier sleep habits which can be immensely beneficial.

By the end of the book, a better and more comprehensive understanding of sleep, the important role it plays in heathy bodies and the fall out when sleep patterns go wrong will be well understood.

AuthorDr Katharina Lederle
PublisherExile Publishing
DistributorExile Publishing
ReleasedJune 2018