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So … You’re Having a Teenager An A-Z of adolescence from argumentative to zits

Sarah Macdonald suggests that instead of giving baby suits to a new Mum, you give this book instead. The new mother will certainly have a laugh and be able to flick through the book at random. Later when the first “eye roll, or shoulder shrug” happens she may need to re-examine the text for any tips and reassurances. As amazing as it may seem the beautiful and loving child you have in front of you now will change. Macdonald suggests that teenage years are like dog years; for every year your teen ages, you age four years.

It seems that she is well qualified to write this book. Having raised two gorgeous young girls, she was stunned at the acts performed by her outgoing teen. Throwing cake at teacher and possibly writing the “C” word all over the toilet walls were among a few of the astonishing feats of this lass. Her very quiet, conservative and well-behaved sister managed to get into mischief but much more subtly.

Being an A-Z book the distracted parent can open it at the appropriate page. Take the letter D for Drama. The author says that we may have loved drama as a subject in school, but for some teens “There is only one volume ….an exasperated scream that is loud and dramatic.” The suggestion here is that you don’t become too empathetic and enter into the drama. Agreeing that the Geography teacher is an idiot, won’t help.

L is for Lying, and as the cartoon character says, “It’s not lying, I just don’t think my parents can handle the truth.” The segment on losing things will ring true to many parents. If your teen leaves their PE bag on the bus and other possessions scattered to the four winds, you can be sure their minds are on greater things.  Buy second hand where possible.

Other areas that the wise woman tackles are, Talking back, Hangry” (when a teen is so hungry they are messy and upset and angry. Give them food now.”) Failure, (that’s OK: it’s mostly your fault), Driving lessons, Dicks, Hormones, Risk taking and Sex. There are so many topics covered, that by the time the new Mum you have given this book to gets to the end she will be ready to pounce on the appropriate page. At least she will still be laughing.

Author Sarah Macdonald and Cathy Wilcox
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781760525439
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released February 2020