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The Calm and Cozy Book of Sleep: Rest + Dream + Live

Are you a purveyor of the thought that you can sleep when you are either old or dead, and wonder why, with your full and fantastically busy lifestyle you never, ever, feel rested, energized or filled with the simple joy of life and living

Beth Wyatt was once such a person, who truly believed that every moment of her life had to be filled with something, even taking craft projects to bed with her and working into the small hours of the morning before falling into a restless few hours of sleep.

Considered herself a night owl, Beth truly believing she was doing fine with her sleep cycle and lifestyle pursuits, until her health began to falter, causing her to suffer terribly until she was forced to address both her lifestyle and her sleep, or rather lack of sleep patterns, and the overall effect they were having on every aspect of her life.

Her life changing moment came about when she was searching for a way through the mess her life had become, coming across a  course in sleep sciences which encouraged her to change her sleep  cycles, to improve her lifestyle and allow her to develop her own business as a sleep coach, a journey she found very challenging, rewarding and fascinating.

The Calm and Cozy Book of Sleep shares Wyatt’s journey to a healthy fulfilling lifestyle, while offering a crash course in understanding sleep deprivation, why it occurs and what can be done to find a way out of the devastation on your body created by sleep deprivation.

Simple steps and techniques are presented and discussed allowing a fresh new perspective to be considered by using breathing techniques, using essential oils, practicing bed time activities such as slowing down, establishing simple night time routines to prepare for going to bed, understanding the importance of rest and the often challenging effects of changing well established mental patterns or habits.

The Calm and Cozy Book of Sleep is the perfect place to begin your journey towards understanding sleep and its importance in your life, offering some simple techniques that can be tried anywhere, anytime and encourages you to love the health giving beauty of a good nights sleep.

Author Beth Wyatt
Publisher Quatro US/Rock Point Gift & Stationery
ISBN 9781631066870
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released August 2020