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The Pen and The Stethoscope

Leah Kaminsky has humanised the person we call Doctor whom in these days of modern medicine is expect to be nothing short of a miracle worker, making all things right again in your life.

Bound within the pages of this book are just some of the emotions and thoughts felt and experienced by Doctors while they are going about their everyday business: that of saving lives.  Sounds a bit tame when written like that but the stories within the pages are those of people like us:  frustrated because often beneficial changes take too long to achieve, grieving over a life lost, hurting, laughing at the impossible or simply struggling to cope with the demands of an internship.

This remarkable collection of short stories from a wide range of medical specialists encapsulates the funny, the tragic, the miraculous and the self-awareness of so many of the people we call Doctor.

AuthorEidited ??? Leah Kaminisky
PublisherScribe Publishers