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Walking for Weigh Loss

Enjoy walking but somehow it never seems to help with the weight control? Want to get fitter but can’t afford the cost of the gym fees? Like being out and about in the fresh air?

 Walking for Weight loss has the answers for  every question or query you have ever had about the benefits of regular exercise and in particular the benefits of walking, not only as a relaxation therapy but also as a way of toning up, trimming down and feeling good about yourself.

 Packed full of information and advice on everything from posture, clothing, stretching, route planning and benefits of walking, it is also filled with practical tips and hints on every aspect of walking, even down to a selection of walking plans.

 Lucy Knight has set out details about what type of terrain is best to achieve maximum benefit, weight loss plans, including the correct treatment of injuries and motivation strategies, pre exercise stretching and much more..

 If you are really serious about getting into walking, or even if you are not, first get a copy of this book and read it. You will not only enjoy  walking from a different perspective it will also save you making costly mistakes when you purchase your footwear and walking gear.

 Well detailed, informed information coupled with clear, concise photography make this an easy and practical read for those who are already into walking as well as those wanting to take walking seriously..

AuthorLucy Knight
PublisherKyle Cathie Limited
ISBN978 0 85783 012 8