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Your Anxiety Beast and You

Dr Eric Goodman has a theory that he feels may help sufferers of anxiety. For many years people have thought of excessive anxiety as something to be angry about and they see their affliction as a beast. He suggests that people who suffer from anxiety look at their problem in a different way.

If we consider that this emotion can protect us at times, we could think of anxiety as a kind, younger version of us, or someone we love, being overzealous. In fact, he feels that if we love our anxiety and can tell it, “Thanks for trying to help, but just back off now,” we will be less stressed.

This is quite a novel notion, and this book is geared to working through many misconceptions about anxiety. The Doctor reminds us that Society condemns anxiety, and yet causes most of it. Our fears stem from our ancestors who needed their constant awareness to survive. We no longer live in these times and so have to be able to convince our friend that we are OK.

There are some pages which invite the reader to practice skills they will need to cope. For example, there are columns which explain what your beast is saying to you, and how to manage that message. The author believes your anxiety beast is teachable and with training will become manageable.

Well explained, this concept and the instructions are easy to follow with the book able to be used at specific points or read through. The theory is reinforcing the feelings of self-worth, and confidence which is helpful in itself. Even for smaller issues, speaking with your beast as a young and careful junior can have a calming effect.

Author Dr. Eric Goodman, Ph.D. Illustrations Louise Gardner.
Publisher Exisle Publishing
ISBN 9781925820331
Distributor Exisle Publishing
Released April 2020