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Baking with Kafka

Fans of Kafka, aka Tom Gauld, will fall on this latest offering dedicated to life and all many and varied aspects of first attempting to understand the written text, getting a book published, the political fallout caused by creating what many may considered either farcical or fairy stories in political circles and many other aspects of daily life, through which we all have to suffer, courtesy of modern media

Dedicated to Daphne and Iris as well as All the Dear Departed Books and the reasons why, Kafka once again hits the mark with whatever slice of life he chooses to place under his pen and ink microscope; in this instance the written word, and the very many places it appears, often to wish it had never been written, if that makes some kind of sense.

The Set Text is simply set up for essay writing, and also the almost lost art of letter writing, which ironically is a funny, old fashioned way of communicating, as illustrated in a letter written to Arabella. Keyboard Shortcuts for Novelists is reviewed as a necessary requirement, as is tips on how to get your book published, a definite must read for ever hopefuls,  and Dystopian Road Signs, something to which we can all relate on one of those days!

Who knew Teddy Bears could hold Cultural positions, that Jane Eyre really knew what Mr Rochester’s secrets were and that Machiavelli had plans for the summer.

A very important section is located close to the end and relates to the bane of everyone’s existence these days: politics and how to choose the right candidate for the job. The Martian Invasion Of 1894 followed by How Did You Decide Which Candidate to Vote For?, could have some correlation. Perhaps, if we follow some of the guidelines as laid down by Kafka, the results may or could be, very different or simply as they should be, in an ideal world.

All good cartoonists take a political shot at life at least once a week and Kafka is no exception, he pars social and political change back to the basics. In The End of the Novel, a novel which he considered this book is, which has in true style entertained, annoyed, revealed and discussed so many of the everyday things read, written, drawn and enjoyed, he sums up the totality of life, publishing, writing in true Kafka-esque  style.

Baking with Kafka maybe; stirring the pot of life most definitely. Enjoy every tasty morsel!

AuthorTom Gauld
PublisherA&U Canongate
DistributorAllen and Unwin
ReleasedOctober 2017