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Chooks in Stilettos

Chick-Lit at its best, this light hearted and totally irreverent look at the “glitzy” side of life is just the read for those days when you think your life is just simply totally out of control and you need reassurance that there are others out there just like you. .  Nothing is sacred in this “honest look at life” through the eyes of Carolyn Donovan.

Model, mother and author, Donovan sends up the very many aspects of her life in a way designed to help you have really great laugh, and on the way through demystifies the “Oh So Glamorous” world of big time modelling.

She takes the many aspects of her life, as well as the members of her family-her husband, brother, children, parents, best friends, even the families pet duck – and presents them as she sees them, in many of their funnier and embarrassing moments which they would probably rather not remember. You are encouraged to step back from the serious and step into the totally whack reality that is simply life at this best and laugh a little or a lot.

A great dipping read when you want something to lighten the tedious or simply cheer you up by reminding you that “Yes” those totally insane moments in life really do happen to other people too.

AuthorCarolyn Donovan
PublisherArk House Press