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Man,Oh Man it’s getting hot

It’s all too much and I’m a blot

I’ll sit awhile with a cuppa tea

And read the best the dei-tea

has to offer in her book

about tea and tea and  “dei-tea-s”.

Well my prose is terrible but if you really want to cop out of the heat, grab a cuppa, a copy of the newly released Curiosi-tea by Anne Norman alias Camellia Char and get ready to treat yourself to fun, history, much better prose than mine and a good dose of very quirky humor .

This fabulously creative book traces the history of tea through the ages; its “Culture” and the various “isms” created through the centuries by pouring the lot into a well crafted and illustrated book which gives you an entirely new insight into the humble and not so humble drink of “tea”.

Well researched and written, laced together with Anne’s particularly wacky sense of humor, with interjection from the avatar of tea herself Camellia Char, this is one book you will enjoy from cover to cover.

Author???Camellia Char?۝ ??? alias Anne Norman
PublisherAbsurd Publications