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Dog’s Best Friend: A Brief History of an Unbreakable Bond

Dogs are considered as man’s best friend and in this tell all exposé Dogs Best Friend from Simon Garfield, the dog lover expounds on so very much related to dogs from their very beginning, back well before time imaginable, or so it would seem, to the beloved fur babies of the modern world, in which we now all inhabit; dogs and all.

He investigates the theory that dogs evolved from wolves early the book which is edifying as this is a subject that has caused much conjecture in scientific realms over many, many years. It would now appear that there is a slight but significant difference in the anatomy of wolves and dogs that make a difference, as in the temperament of the various breeds, but the evidence is still not totally conclusive.

One thing that is conclusive is that dogs have been interacting with humans far longer than was ever considered, as proven in a series of rock art painting discovered in north- western Saudi Arabia that can be traced back to between 8000-6000BC.

But onward in this fascinating book of all things relating to dogs, their fame, their infamy and how they have become the beloved of so many, replacing in many, many case children in modern families. Dogs have developed their own fame and fortune thanks to Instagram and many have simply become pampered pooches. Some even have cringe worthy titles which often, when heard out in public make humans wonder, let alone wonder what the poor long suffering dog really thinks!

The other side to coin is many, many dogs have found the perfect place in life as guide dogs, companion dogs, detection dogs, working police dogs  and so much more as people finally began to understand the abilities of theses  intelligent creatures.  Captured in the pages are some heart-warming stories of dogs that have gone out and done wondrous things in the name of duty, courage and the love of their humans.

Poets have lauded them, Prime Ministers and Presidents have loved them.  Winston Churchill’s dog, a small brown poodle called Rufus was upstaged by a British Bulldog, often sporting a union jack waistcoat, used in war time propaganda.  Hitler was often seen with a large German shepherd. George W.H. Bush and his wife Barbara’s beloved Millie was painted in portrait on the South Lawn of the White House: the Obama’s dogs Sunny and Bo where in such high demand for photo opportunities they had their own schedules.

Beloved of most everyone, dogs and their humans create a unique bond that lasts until death, which when a beloved pet passes is often devastating in extreme, leaving behind a gap that is incredibly hard to fill.

Dogs Best Friend is filed with love, awe and a huge amount of hilarity, often tongue-in-cheek, as the love felt by Simon Garfield for his beloved Labrador Ludo shines through and makes this absolutely perfect book for dog lovers everywhere.

Not one to be read in a hurry, lest some important detail is missed, Dogs Best Friend is to be enjoyed with your best pal settled at your feet and a good glass of red to be enjoyed in a perfectly acceptable manner.

Author Simon Garfield
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9781474610742
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released September 2020