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Drifting in the Push

As a memoir of life lived so far, Drifting in the Push is a real beauty. Well written with an underlying sense of humour, Dan Garrison’s life is one that we can all relate to in one manner or another.

He meets his best buddies at an early age, when he commences school – he is quite sure his world as he has thus far known it, has gone completely mad! Bryan is the kid sitting next to him on the floor. Another kid comes up and sits down next to them, stating he doesn’t feel too good. Only minutes later he vomits all over Dan.

A lifelong friendship is formed from this time on and is one that will lead the three friends into adventures yet to be discovered and lifestyles which were certainly not planned out as they each travel their own pathways.

Each of the chapters making up this journey is wrapped about an incident or two; all are incredibly enjoyable. At times you marvel, at others you also learn a lesson or two, as Dan drifts along, moving from one insight to another, all the while trying to finish his education. When he does he realise that perhaps journalism is not the right career pathway for him, and sets out to discover what is; a journey which was to see him embroiled in some incredibly beautiful, happy, terrifying and downright horrific experiences.

Along the way he finds another friend in Hank, his beloved dog, who also somehow manages to find himself in a number of scrapes, not always of his own making!

The final chapter sees Dan reflecting on his life, his plans or rather lack of planning; his conclusion was that in spite of everything, he had done all right. He was also to discover that there was more in store for him than he was ever to have considered, which would eventually find him far from the life he had built in Alaska!

Throughout the chapters, one thing comes apparent time and time again; that when you are down and out, at your lowest ebb, that if you hold the faith with yourself, keep exploring options and asking about, something always turns up. Then the choice is whether to ‘drift in the push’, and take advantage of what is offered.

There is nothing mundane about this work; it is full of variety, entertainment, warmth and humour. By the final page you will discover that you have made a new friend – that of Dan Garrison.

If Book one is anything to go by, Book two will be eagerly awaited!

AuthorDaniel Garrison
PublisherTounge & Groove Publishing
DistributorDaniel Garrison
ReleasedMarch 2017