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Fifty Shades of 50 A Really Reliable Memoir

When one is about to turn fifty, there comes a time when reflection on past years becomes inevitable. When the author first thought about this, ideas of a midlife crisis occurred to him. His wife, Helen, said that it was no use getting a younger woman as he probably wouldn’t know what to do with her. This said, he thought the next best thing was to write the story of his life and thoughts thus far. The style of the book is as though you were sitting chatting to him. It is warm, witty and informative.

 Amanda Kelleher has written the foreword to this book. She has known “Jonesy” for twelve years, and working with him in a small room in the radio station, has managed to survive and enjoy his company with only the odd spat here and there. Amanda enjoys the fact that Brendan is the “real deal.” He lived in the suburbs, drank at the local pub, and went to the footy each week. Because he is so well known on air and such a friendly character, he still has his feet on the ground.  No doubt this has been helped by his wife and three children.

 Brendan grew up in the southern suburbs of Sydney. Like many of his contemporaries, he enjoyed a freedom kids don’t have today. He rode his bike, met his mates and scrounged junk piles on the streets for an abandoned lawn mower that could be converted into a go cart. Life was good, and everyone enjoyed cracker night. The author’s father was posted to London as a Qantas pilot, and boarding school was the next step he had to face. It wasn’t a happy experience. In fact, schooling and Brendan never managed to gel. He did begin a fine arts degree, but it was not an essential part of his life.

 As he was growing up, Brendan and his mates formed a band. He was a drummer, and was always listening to music, and later, he signed up for the Max Rowley Media Academy. His ambition by now was to work in radio. For a seasonal job, he worked at a ski resort in NSW and to be productive during the long nights, he and some mates began playing their instruments. This gradually became a regular thing and attracted some famous artists who were staying at the ski lodge.

 The author won a position within the radio station Triple M, and shortly after, was asked to take the breakfast show while the regulars were on holidays. This led to some hilarious scenes with Mick Molloy. This chatty and friendly story is one that will have you smiling, and relating to someone who has had an ordinary life, but has become one of Sydney’s most recognised voices.

 He and Amanda enjoy their day to day challenges, and certainly, the public never tire of their humour and style. This is a story about a delightful man who is a gifted entertainer, but still retains his boyhood quirkiness.

Author Brendan Jones, Forward Amanda Kelleher
Publisher New Holland Publishers
ISBN 9781921024498
Distributor New Holland Publishers
Released December 2017