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Good Grief – The Genius of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is an all-time favourite whose interesting way of living his life and solving life’s dilemmas has appealed to generations of children and adults alike and he’s back, offering his home grown look at life to another generation.

 Designed to appeal as a gift, and one part of an four part collection, all time looser, at least in his eyes, Charlie Brown takes us on a journey of daily life where he, in spite of his often best efforts, learns many of life’s little lessons. His friend and tormentor Lucy, is as always charging him 5 cents for her advice and views on life.

 His method of dealing with a kite eating tree ,which appears throughout the pages, does as with all things Charlie Brown, offer a different perspective on how to deal with life’s little issues, that of constantly losing your best kite up a tree.

Baseball as played by Charlie Brown is definitely on his terms and when things don’t work out just as he expected his solution to what he sees as a major issue will definitely make you smile and relate totally, as you must admit there are simply days like that!

His views on why people hate him are interesting and have stood the test of time well as have Lucy’s wise words of wisdom. Timeless and enjoyable the wisdom of Charlie Brown is once again available for us all to enjoy.

AuthorCharlles M Schultz