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Hexes for the Modern Age: Contemporary Curses for the People Who Irritate You the Most

A little or a lot of irreverence, particularly when it comes to work wind ups for the year and family gatherings, will help keep things stay balanced. Val Brains is considered as an irreverent humourist, which is exactly what is needed at this terribly fractious time of the year.

In Hexes for the Modern Age, she takes no prisoners with her targets and hits the mark every time because as she says, modern times call for modern ways to make terrible, embarrassing, shameful things happen to people who sadly, do irritate!

But as with all things magical, the hexee needs to also be a little careful to ensure they are not on the receiving end of a return hex or two, so be very careful at whom you aim your next hex.

As you turn over the pages looking for the perfect revenge, the chuckles will increase, perhaps the desire for revenge will decrease, but whatever is taken from the pages will certainly be enjoyed. There is something there for every occasion, beginning with finding a date or your perfect match, or not, the workplace which is full to the brim of people who do irritate, allowing plenty of targets to be found, family of course rates well, with some seriously funny, but definitely undesirable outcomes to be achieved.

Hipsters are also included and have their own chapter which for those who are not into nor able to understand this modality, is definitely educational!  Of course, Weddings and Events provide fallow fields and even getting dressed allows for much creativity when thinking up a suitable hex.

Perhaps Personal Hygiene and Roommates should go together as both could be considered as serious candidates for some dedicated hexing.

Wrapping up this creative collective is a lovely section on technology, which everyone who has ever had anything to do with computers, cables or any aspect of modern technological requirements, will definitely resonate, but it has the underlying concern that perhaps this modern style of hex has been around far, far, longer than very, very recently.

Author Val Brains
Publisher Skyhorse Publishing
ISBN 9781510721821
Distributor New South Books
Released December 2017