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How to Mars

If ever a story was hanging around waiting to captivate what could be a cult following How To Mars is or could be the perfect story, one that was inspired by an advertisement for six people to take one way trip to Mars; six people with not just a desire to go to Mars, but with the necessary scientific skills to be able to set up, run and maintain the small community.

This totally abstract idea, which was real, but failed to gather the necessary momentum, captured Edenback’s imagination which expanded a random thought into, well, what if, resulting in How To Mars, a story that in so many ways could almost be true! Add in a reality TV show and really Mars is the very limit, or is it.

Carefully selected, three men and three women are choosen from a grueling selection process to travel to Mars. The rule book is very explicit about every aspect of life on Mars, with the most important rule of all, No Sex! Why, because most everything else could have predictable outcome and as it is one-way trip, the Marsonauts would not return, thereby leaving a child or young person up in space, on Mars to be exact, on their own.

But you guessed it, the unthinkable does happen and despite all the odds, operations and inability to have children on earth, Jenny falls pregnant to Josh and life on Mars becomes very interesting, as the reality is, life on Mars is very boring. Control is NOT happy at all, the other team members have various reactions and all of a sudden there is a massive revival in the reality TV show ratings, as those on earth wait to see the outcome of this new, unexpected aspect of life on Mars.

Without giving too much away life does indeed get interesting as the pregnancy advances, with crew members all trying to adjust, relate to a pregnant woman and also find ways of getting ready for the birth of a child, as well as create the variety of things that child would need in the not too far distant future.

Add into the mix a slightly unstable engineer, who is simply not coping with any sort of change, never really was, and the totally unknown aspect of giving birth in a far from normal situation and you have a vastly entertaining journey into an alternate universe, or possibly the future!

In another aspect of the storyline the quirky nature of humanity is explored which relates to how we, as normal everyday people, which these Marsonauts are, each hiding secrets, each battered and bruised by life, all having their own reasons for wanting to take a one way trip to Mars, work through and learn to creatively cope with change.

Grab a copy, enjoy a very funny, tongue-in-check read which may turn out to be eventually, in the maybe not too far distant future, not so fanciful after all! How to Mars, get your copy now!

Author David Ebenbach
Publisher Tachyon Publications
ISBN 9781616963569
Distributor New South Books
Released June 2021