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I Miss You When I Blink Dispatches from a Relatively Ordinary Life

In this charming and delightful look at life in some of its many peculiarities, you get a sense of community, of not feeling so very alone, and a sense that in spite of our sometimes ‘better’ efforts, with a little perseverance a lot of introspection and acceptance, things can and do frequently work out for the best.

I Miss You When I Blink is a beautiful phrase coined by Mary Laura Philpot’s son when he a was a little boy, drawing on paper while his mother worked. The simple beauty of the statement tugged at her heartstrings and is one that has remained with her over the years, as a reminder that everything in life is fleeting and to enjoy life, you simply must seize the moment.

In a series of essay based on her life and challenges she has in many instances created, she looks at the many pressures that are placed on modern young mothers and their quest to achieve perfection, all the while creating something like an identity crisis that can have some rather strange manifestations, while they try and discover who they really are; mother, lover, wife, or someone else altogether.

Funny, at times poignant, definitely heartfelt and absolutely entertaining this insight into the life of a young woman who thought she had ‘cracked the code: Always be right, and you will always be happy’, only to discover that this was not really the case.

What she did about her own personal crises as they came to confront her in what she considered was at the time her perfect, well almost, life sometime in multiples and sometime singularly, will reach out to so many who are facing their own identity crises, wondering which way to turn.

I Miss You When I Blink makes great reading as the pieces are essays, they make lovely time-out pieces to read in a spare five minutes or so in your busy, busy day.

AuthorMary Laura Philpott
PublisherMurdoch Books
DistributorMurdoch Books
ReleasedApril 2019