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Life Lessons from Lucy

If you are having one of those down sort of days and nothing seems to cheer you up grab a copy of Life’s Lessons and open at the first page. Lucy’s view on life right from the beginning where she confesses she is crabby will make you smile.

As she considers herself perfect in every way, she also is faced with some of life’s little challenges when everyone and everything about her simply won’t get it right, her way!

In this re-release of Charles M Schultz wonderful mini essays on life according to Lucy and her friends there is something for everyone in the wonderful warm words of wisdom offered to one and all, Lucy style. You do learn a lot about sulking and the correct way to go about achieving the best way to sulk, how to torment your little brother and gain money from friends for sage words of advice.

Although she is far from good on the baseball field Lucy refuses to let little things like missing the ball and failing to make an catch upset her view of life, that of never living in the past, whatever the reason.

Although you may think it is a microcosm of life, when you get through the grinning at Lucy’s very special way of looking at life’s issues, such as always wanting to be the first, wanting to be the first woman president of the United States and figuring out why she can’t, you realise perhaps she is right and she really does have all the answers.

Her wisdom is once again readily available to a new generation of readers who simply can’t help but become entranced by her unique way of looking at life. As she so succinctly sums up the total of her life to date on the back cover, ‘I have examined my life and found it without flaw..! What can one say after that!

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