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On Politics and Stuff

Satire is the name of the game with Mark Humphries and Evan Williams as they have made a very good career of sending up the world of politics in Australia for many years: very successfully some may say! Others, namely those who have been at the butt of their satire, may not!

Within the pages of this very small book On Politics and stuff, actually the 93 pages are really only 50 normal sized pages, they encapsulate everything you ever thought you might like to know about politics and some of the politicians, who have graced the stage that is known as Australian Politics, or the Halls of Power.

They begin at Canberra, the seat of power of the Nation and a place that could be considered as the most boring place in Australia due to lack of any sort of design layout or inspiration, but lies equidistant between Sydney and Melbourne. As we all know, because we keep getting told so, these are the so called main stays of Australia, indeed their residents are often confounded when they realize there are other sectors of Australia that consider their State capitols of equal importance!

But many a Prime Minister, Cabinet Minister, Leader of the Opposition and their staff has trod the pavements and driven the roads of this clinically designed City, to provide the events that are now set out in carefully crafted language, to form what could be considered as the all-time guide to possibly understanding Australian Politics.

In amongst the pages are thumbnails of Prime Ministers recent past and far recent past, just in case we forget who they were and their legacies to the general population of Australia, the benefits or not of the ‘campaign trail’, a phenomenon that sees your local ‘Pollie’ out an about in their electorate eating election sausages, shaking hands of often reluctant people and kissing babies, and so much more than perhaps you ever considered as a component of the political world!

But just in case you have a burning desire to enter the fastest game in town, that of becoming a Politician, they have also presented a clear pathway to achieving your goal, that is if you still want to head in that stellar direction after finishing the book.

Hugely entertaining, satirically to the point and definitely shining a clear light on the idiosyncrasies of Politics, On Politics and other stuff is sure to entertain!

Author Mark Humphries & Evan Williams.
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9780733646560
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released July 2021