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Outlaw Pete

On the fly leaf of the cover wrap it indicates the words in the book go with a piece of music or perhaps they are a song – obviously! If this is the case, providing the CD would make an excellent addition to the book as it would make a better package. The rhyme, or lyrics if you prefer, seems to lack something, perhaps music!

Outlaw Pete is a gun slinging outlaw who has really never known anything different in his life other than a life of crime. He falls in love and tries to move away from his previously bad lifestyle, managing to do so with some success. He is eventually found by an Irish bounty hunter Dan, who questions Pete on whether he has changed or not, all the while summing him up to see who would win in a shoot-out. Eventually Outlaw Pete  is faced with a final choice in his life and it is left to the reader to decide which choice he makes.

The story line is pretty simple in that it relates to running away or trying to hide from a lifestyle that is bad, mean and mighty unclean.

It is a modern take on the ‘wild west’ of outlaws and gunslingers, with the moral being that you can’t run away without first solving the issues. Wherever you choose to go the unresolved problems and issues go with you.

The colourful, cartoon style illustrations are very clever and add that extra dimension to the story, which in turns draws a different focus to the real issue of morality portrayed in the storyline.

Interesting in so far as it is an Adult book and at any the point you can appreciate the collaboration which has created this novel approach to modern day morals, wild west style!

AuthorBruce Springsteen and Frank Caruso
PublisherSimon & Schuster