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Sh*t Towns of Australia

Every now and again a book comes along which is certainly not meant to be taken seriously, of which Sh*t Towns of Australia would most certainly be considered as firmly lodged in that category. On seconds thoughts, maybe it is?

Created by the extremely knowledgeable team of Rick Furphy and Geoff Rissole, who have spent a considerable amount time researching the high calibre of material highlighting so much of the downside of Australian life and towns, theses self-appointed investigative journalists have decided to share their findings.

State by State the pair have dug deep, sometimes not really all that deep, as well as using a specific set of criteria, scientific at that, they selected sixty towns to feature in this, what they consider should be a widely read book, by all who intend visiting Australia, in order to discover where all the crappy towns and places of Australia are located.

It is then up to the visitor to decide whether they should go to these specific places or not in order to discover if this is really true or simply just a great big load of furfies!!!!!!!!!

As these two freely admit to having attended the University of Nimbin, (for those of you not in the know, check it out) it could be considered as something short of a miracle they are not getting run right out of Australia.

But on a far more serious tone, the words are yours to interpret with the sense of humour with which they have been penned; the photography is something very different, as a each of the photos very carefully selected, obviously without the help of the Nimbin Scientific criteria, really do show the true and real beauty that is Australia.

A rusted-out vehicle standing proudly in a dry, dusty paddock, the street art laneways of Melbourne, the rugged beauty of a Sydney beach, the quirky Ettamogah Pub, outback art at Coober Pedy and the clean and pristine waters of Tasmania, all captured in a single moment of time.

Sh*t Towns of Australia is one of those books where the picture truly does belie word. It is also one book you will either love or not, so if giving it as a gift in this season of giving, proceed with care or check out the scientific criteria established in Nimbin, New South Wales first, located on page 52 for easy reference.


AuthorRick Furphy and Geoff Rissole
PublisherAllen and Unwin
DistributorAllen and Unwin
ReleasedNovember 2019